Container Tracking System

Container and cargo Tracking Systems are the new norms for companies that transport goods across the region. In order for these companies to keep track of their valuables or products, a number of technologies have been devised to allow the precise tracking of even small containers.

Container Tracking System

Companies in the manufacturing and distribution sectors are well-aware of how important it is to have transparency and traceability in supply chain operations. As this sector expands, the need for tracking systems also increases. These systems, not only help truck or vehicle owners keep track of their containers movement, but also prevent theft. Knowing when the products are ready for shipment and how they are transported from their manufacturing point to their delivery point is integral to maintaining a clear-cut visibility into the end-to-end supply chain processing.

With emerging markets also presenting an increasing percentage in transport industry revenues, regulatory standards of those markets have become an additional area of concern for regulatory affairs compliance bodies. Local truck owners and drivers transporting cargo or containers need to be acquainted with laid down rules and regulations governing the movement of goods and services with the region.

Shipping container tracking would be a breeze if one party was responsible for all aspects of shipping. If that were the case, they would simply put a small locating device on all containers and add a local gateway on each ship. The gateway would pick up this tracking data and report back to a central IT hub on the ship; from there, the location data could be transmitted out via GPS to satellite.

The reason that tracking systems are so important, besides the obvious concern for the product being transported is that transporting cargo represents a valuable asset for a company or business. The tracking system can truck multiple containers at one time, manage their storage and coordinate the transport process so that. A company can input information about the truck or cargo type, track its location to the exact coordinates in the region, monitor its movements through ports and even send feedback when its destination is reached.

Having an online container tracking system for shipment management is necessary because:

  1. The container tracking system help in addressing potential trouble areas of the container fleet performance like stranded containers, excessive dwell or transit times or inordinately high damag
  2. Ability to rank customers or supplier locations from first to last considering the container fleet performance during the customer or supplier’s control.
  3. Advanced tracking technologies are now emerging to provide shipping lines across the globe with high quality management, control and tracking of container shipments.
  4. Shipping owners want to be able to get accurate information on the whereabouts of the containers, over the ocean and overland in a seamless and efficient way.
  5. The paperwork will no longer be a hassle, since it is completed through an automated process;
  6. You will be aware when the shipment reaches its destination, which will minimize the chances of any errors occurring.
  7. Having a container tracking software is an edge in the rising market. Improved and reliable container tracking system provided by companies today can improve the over all performance of your shipping business.
  8. Plug and play solution - No infrastructure to install sensors with very long run time several years.

What is basically a shipping container tracking system?

A shipping container tracking system is an online tool that allows you to input information of your container and provides the search information of its whereabouts. This system is used to aid the recovering, securing and the controlling of shipping containers.

How is the system done?

The container tracking system is done through the Internet and is facilitated by media like Bar code or RFID and electronic file transfer. The system includes the recent location of the shipping container and also the Permanently Archived History of the shipping container from the acquiring date of the container.

Moreover, the container tracking system provides better performance when the size of the shipping container needs to increase or decrease. The container tracking tool in it features a tabbed document or a map that provides you with information about the present location of your content and also offers you details about the last trans-shipment. What you need only is to have the container number to track your shipping container.

Working with shipping containers is something that requires serious investment, but, if handled properly, can bring great profits. Since properly handling this investment means that you have to be informed of the state of your container, the container tracking system is a great tool for handling this over long distances. Everything is done online and any changes are instantly shown, so you can be informed in a timely manner. If you buy a shipping container (for whatever reason), be sure to use this service, because it will save you a lot of time and nerves.

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