Fleet Management System

Business should therefore consider investing in a fleet management system as it helps them get the most out of their vehicle and even their staff. Having a good fleet management system in place does not only help companies monitor individual driving habits of their drivers but also collect critical information about the vehicle status.

Fleet Management System

We talk to a number of companies who come to us with no established system of keeping up with fleet information and responsibilities. Many have been using excel spreadsheets, file folders or even a whiteboard to track regular activities, expenses and maintenance schedules.

The goal is to help your company make that transition to a fleet management platform that will put everyone on the same page; allowing for a more efficient and transparent operation. Here are some helpful tips that will help make the process smooth and painless.

The improper use of business vehicles can easily add substantial losses to your business operation, not to mention the time wasted by managers to drivers looking over the issues in search of meaningful ways to address those losses. If your business is directly involved with providing transportation to the public, it may mean the difference between a continuing operations or shutting down if you have accumulated enough grave offences to compliance regulations.

Road freight and transport is one of the largest contributors to our economy, and according to certain statistics they are also the largest contributors to road accidents. In the past five years South African roads have seen a steady in the number of vehicles on the road, rising as much as 3.3%; with the number of newly acquired driver licenses at anaverage of 4. 7 % per annum.

Advantages of Feet Management System

  • Reduce operational costs and increase efficiency: By optimizing fleet’s fuel efficiency, managing drivers performance, streamlining reporting and improving routing, business can save plenty of money on their operational costs. This helps them increase their profitability.
  • Improve fleet safety: Having a fleet management system in place can provide an opportunity for better safety habits. Fleet Managers can be able to analyze patterns, behaviours and habits of individual drivers. With this information, businesses can be able to make informed decisions on how to improve driver habits and more.
  • Improves customer service and satisfaction: A fleet management system improves cargo delivery times. The system ensure businesses are able to provide a more effective and efficient service to all your clients regardless of the operation you run. When your customers get high quality service, it improves the overall customer satisfaction they will be more likely to stay loyal to your company and return for additional service.
  • Automated fleet reports: Fleet management systems deliver reports hourly, daily, or even weekly depending on the criteria you need fulfilled. This helps you to understand the habits of your fleet to be able to make adjustments based on the analys.

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