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Advertising With SMS

Texting has become a major mode of communication and coordination for many workplaces, allowing colleagues to exchange information rapidly and effectively. While SMS is of great aid to office environments, firms with more widely distributed work sites could benefit even more from the extensive and efficient communication network that texting affords. Construction firms are no exception, where text messaging is put to task as an effective way of keeping employees up to date and safe.

Advertising With SMS

Using text messaging to perform basic employee coordination is especially important for construction firms, which may mobilize multiple teams of workers to a range of sites in one day. If there are delays or closures at any construction sites due to inclement weather or unforeseen events, sending mass texts to all employees scheduled to work on those sites is the fastest and convenient way to let team members know as soon as possible.

When construction sites are up and running, text messaging can be used in a similar way to ensure workers are kept up to date on the status of material deliveries and other important aspects of a project. Project managers' being able to contact their teams rapidly about issues such as truck delays allows busy employees to know about bumps in the road as early as possible. This lets team members plan ahead and prepare for possible rescheduling or project delays.

In a similar vein, text messaging can be used to keep track of the status of equipment and materials when crews change. Not only can supervisors keep their teams on site posted on the status of equipment, but crews and their managers can use mass texting to alert new crews that may be changing sites of where necessary items may be located on a new site, or of any changes that may have been made since an incoming crew received their assignment.

Construction team members may not only receive updates when problems arise, but can alert supervisors of any problems they notice on site. Text messaging is an easy and quick means of contacting project managers who need updates on project roadblocks and other issues, and can be used immediately and on the construction site, allowing information to be transmitted as quickly as possible.

Text messaging can also serve as a clean and easy way to share the abundance of documents that may be relevant to work. Sharing this information via mass text saves time and resources, and allows team members to access site and project details and policies on site, at a moment's notice, and at the tips of their fingers.

Automated texting can also benefit construction teams, as well as those living near and affected by construction sites. In the construction industry, schedules are inclined to change, often rapidly and at the last minute. Assigning team members a number they can text to a service in order to receive their customized, up-to-date work schedule makes this issue much easier for workers to keep up with.

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