Radiology Information System

Radiology Information System makes information immediate, easy to access, easy to update and always available for those who need to know. Its connected healthcare solutions take your practice to the next level. It is web-based application designed with high flexibility and ease of usage, implemented in single location or multiples. It keeps track of all the consumed items during any radiology procedure.

Radiology Information System

Shortage of Radiologist in SA require innovative solutions. The increased number of imaging tests brought about by technological advances and easier access to radiological equipment has created a need for investment in modern software supporting the work of the imaging diagnostics department.

"There are an estimated 650 registered radiologists in South Africa, which equates to 1.2 radiologists per 100 000 people in the population. By contrast, the UK has approximately 3 000 registered radiologists with a ratio of 4.7 specialists per 100 000 while the European average is 10 per 100 000. It is clear that South Africa is facing a massive skills shortage within radiology. This is highly concerning as radiology is one of the largest categories of hospital budgets as it is utilised in almost every patient and disease category. “South Africa’s healthcare system cannot continue to operate in the current situation, where a shortage in radiologists can potentially delay or even prevent a correct diagnosis. It is imperative that we identify and utilise solutions that can assist in delivering radiological services to citizens, regardless of whether their closest
medical facility has access to a radiologist on-site,” according to Mike Simpson, CEO of IntriHEALTH,

Runninga successful radiology practice requires a great deal of time and attention, with so many moving parts to keep track of. Practices that rely on antiquated paper-based systems to organize their work and maintain files on patients are at a distinct disadvantage when compared to competitive radiology practices that have embraced modern technology in the form of a Radiology Information System.

Benefits of using Radiology Information System

  • Will help you run your radiology practice much more efficiently than a paper-based system.

  • Cuts down on data entry mistakes and enables more accurate diagnoses.

  • You can take care of medical billing chores more easily.

  • Makes it easier to manage the large data and image files typically generated in a radiology practice.

With the Radiology Information System, doctors will be able to view and manage information about their patients, such as digital X-rays‚ MRI and CAT scans, anywhere in the hospital electronically via the cloud using their mobile devices.

Are you finding it difficult to manage medical imagery and related data, track radiology imaging orders, store billing information, etc.? Are you falling short of resources to provide you with an effective radiology information system for your organization? Then, the best option for you would be to outsource radiology information system services to an experienced service provider. Prizeless Technologies is here for you. Let chat.

Products Features

  • warning and alerts
  • report printing
  • billing
  • patient registration and management
  • document and image creation, modification and management
  • patient management
  • patient tracking

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