Patient Management System

Doctors and nurses can now coordinate better with the patient about the diagnosis, medication and the follow-up process. They can also monitor whether the patient has understood the instructions properly.Manage all your Inpatients and Outpatients. Patients are quickly accessible by typing parts of their name. Schedule and organize the inpatients in rooms and wards.

Patient Management System

Often times patients find it difficult to interact with a doctor in a different language. A mobile health app helps patients to communicate with doctors while instantly translating their concerns and queries into a language of their choice. This healthcare app development is a major step towards helping doctors

Patient management systems allow patients to do the following:

  • 77% want schedule appointments online
  • 76% want to Refill prescriptions
  • 69% want to ask questions
  • 64% want reminders electronically, using email or text

In medical practices, patients are the customers, and keeping them happy has become a priority. Physicians are also looking for ways to improve patient care and build relationships between office visits. Office staff often need ways to automate administrative tasks and collect information. Patient management can do all that and more, and sometimes save money in the process.

Patient management systems can keep staff from constantly shuffling papers around while talking to a patient, which makes the patient compete for attention. “It’s more of a personal experience for patients because when they’re interacting with the front office staff, they’re interacting one-on-one.

Products Features

  1. Welcome patients to a practice or hospital and allow people to sign in

  2. Screen identification and print badges for visitors

  3. Monitors patients remotely for medication compliance, diet and exercise schedules.

  4. Complete forms before appointments to decrease patient time spent in the
    waiting room and administrative time spent in putting data.
  5. Automates patient checkout, including copay collection

  6. Provides electronic office check-in

  7. Allow emails and conversation between doctor and patient
  8. Monitor, receive data from medical devices and provide alerts both to doctor and patients if medical attention is necessary.
  9. Track the time each patient must wait in the lobby
  10. Keep records of patient encounters so both doctor and patients can refer to previous conversations and appointments

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