Salesforce Integration

Most enterprise-level applications have a need to integrate with other applications used by the same organization. These integration usually cater to different layers, like Data, Business Logic, Presentation and Security, depending on the requirement. This helps organizations achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency and quality

Salesforce Integration

Connect all your data for a unified view of your custom, no mater where it is. We can distinguish between situations in order to identify the best possible way to integrate. For example, if we need to have a straightforward data exchange between a client application and Salesforce, we can go with Data Integration, but in case we need to have some logic before or after the data is committed or sent out of Salesforce,

Your teams expect amazing digital experiences, no matter what tools they use — which means you must deliver a consistent content experience across every app. We are dedicated to providing you with seamlessly integrated solutions that make it easy for your teams to securely collaborate on the most critical content, which leads to a massive boost in productivity.

  • Simple Collaboration

Easily work with customers, partners and prospects, and use seamless integrations with Prizeless Technologies to close deals

  • Streamlined Processes

Create a shared folder of proposals and contracts for prospects, and get notified when files have been viewed, downloaded or edited

  • Mobile Access

Enable field reps to access customer data and collaborate on proposals and contracts in Salesforce from ant device

Products Features

  • Simple Collaboration
  • Streamline processes
  • Mobile access

We are specialists in the area of online and offline software development. All our services are intended to solve new and old problems to deliver the best technology at your doorstep.

Service Specification

Technology changes fast. One of our mantra is the ability to develop software that can be tuned to your desire at any time. We make technology learn your ways

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