Vehicle Tracking System

Innovative Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) are designed to assist in monitoring the fleet smartly. With various smart tracking solutions available in the market today, one can now do much more than just track the vehicles. You too can cut down the operating costs and enhance productivity of your business with smart vehicle fleet management systems. These days, vendors put together a vehicle tracking system software in the form of a mobile app that enables customers to monitor the status of their fleet on the go

Vehicle Tracking System

More and more companies that have large numbers of contractors out on the road, such as electrical and plumbing businesses are implementing tracking solutions. It is not just contractors, however, transport industry can use vehicle tracking software to increase their efficiency and use the technology to keep track of particularly valuable assets. If you run a fleet based business, it is about time to consider bringing your operations up to date, making use of advanced technology to not only improve your operations, but also efficiency and profitability.

A vehicle tracking system typically contains a tracking device installed inside a car, with a piece of software, communicating with a central server that allows users to tracks to track their vehicles from the main office. The tracking information is transferred from a vehicle to the HQ with geostationary position satellites acting as an intermediary. The device which can also be called mobile GPS tracker, updates its position, speed, the direction of travel and location across to the HQ. The frequency can be adjusted by manually around two to fifteen minutes, and also by manufacturing defaults.

Why even bothering about installing a GPS tracking system? Check below most important reasons

  • Vehicle Utilization

Vehicles will be used more efficiently from more efficient use of fuel, better driver behaviours, better routes taken, the possibility to avoid traffic and construction, but also employee fraud avoidance can lead to better vehicle utilization.

  • Improves Customer Service

Customer satisfaction holds the key to success and VTS has the potential to improve customer satisfaction. Real time vehicle tracking allows the management to respond to crucial emergency situations promptly. The communication with both the customers and drivers regarding the service call can be improved with the help of vehicle tracking system.

  • Reduces Paper Work

Mobile tracking system reduces paperwork. Since information is periodically available from the mobile GPS tracking system, the driver will not have to be filling forms all the time. Also in a way makes the record accuracy more accurate.

  • Reduce Time Wasted Though Vehicle Maintenance

By using a system's automatic mileage reminder it is possible to reduce time wasted through vehicle maintenance. In addition, by having a service that ensures your vehicles are regularly serviced means that resale values for the fleet will also be higher. It can also help to avoid penalties for issues such as bald tyres and tax as reminders are clear and precise.

  • Reduced Phone Bills

Vehicle tracking systems will vastly reduce your phone bills, as it is no longer a necessity to constantly call employees to find their location.

  • Ensuring the safety of drivers

The vehicle tracking system software outlines the behaviour and movement of each driver in the fleet. If by chance, any kind of anomalies are detected such as entry into unauthorized areas, excessive speeding, unsafe driving behaviour, etc, appropriate actions could be taken to prevent the possibility of a mishap. The vehicle tracking software is designed to send SMS alerts during any kind of emergencies.

  • Provides a way to make an in-depth analysis

The real time data collected through Vehicle Tracking System can be processed to provide business owners with a deep insight into their operations. Fleet operators can analyze the movement of staffs and vehicles. Other than that, vehicle tracking software also keeps a record of the hours spent by the drivers behind the wheel. This data is of great importance to the managers in determining whether or not the working time guidelines have been met.

  • Cost Saving

Vehicle tracking system can bring the advantage of better financial management. This is thanks to the information on fuel consumption and better fuel management, eliminating unwanted behaviour from drivers such as speeding and better management of idle and maintenance time.

  • Improving productivity

Vehicle Tracking System have been designed with a view to assist fleet managers in extracting the optimum profitability from their fleet. Real time vehicle tracking and trip management will help in stepping up the number of trips/jobs completed per day, thereby increasing the productivity of the business. Fleet operators can easily get the important data through the vehicle tracking system to effectively manage the drivers. It is also possible to analyze the data to identify scenarios where unproductive effort is taking place.

  • Safety of drivers and trucks

Thanks to vehicle tracking systems it is possible to reduce traffic accidents, as well as avoid any problems on the way, traffic jams and construction on the roads. Fleet management benefits also from theft prevention feature.

Being in control over your business. When all information about fleet location, vehicle speed, locations, etc., are available. More informed decision can be made and create a sense of control for business owners.

Products Features

  • Vehicle tracking performance
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Driver’s performance
  • Fuel management
  • Sends alerts and notifications
  • Provides reports
  • Analysis of reports
  • Fleet management solutions

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