Package Tracking Software

Is tracking really needed within the parcel delivery industry? We think so! And if you keep reading you’ll find out exactly why! An automated package tracking system offers you more detail than ever before on where any package that enters your facility is at any point in time, as well as when it was delivered and the condition in which it was received.

Package Tracking Software

For many colleges, universities, hospitals, government offices, and large companies with multiple mail rooms, the process of tracking packages, mail, parcels, luggage, and documents is often frustrating and inaccurate.

Our package tracking applications – some of our most requested – deliver reliability, accountability, and consistency in mail room management. Tools that automate warehouse logistics, such as those that track returns or inbound shipments, can help streamline operations. Further efficiency impact can be achieved by integrating these tools with other business systems, such as purchase order systems.

There’s no denying that knowing where your parcel is at any time can give you extra peace of mind. And not just you, either. A tracking facility will help both you and the courier feel that little more relaxed knowing where your parcel is at all times. No more will your parcel be at risk of disappearing into thin air! Well, not without you knowing about it straight away. By tracking your parcels, you can be sure of where your parcel is and whether it’s on track. In most cases, you won’t even need to call the courier up to find out – most companies offer some kind of online tracking nowadays!

Benefits of an Automated Package Tracking Solution


Fewer missing package request. Having a package declared does not guarantee the intended recipient received it or that the package arrived on time and intact. By picking up where package carries leave off, automation provides the ability to track packages in real time.


One of the main concerns for most people is not receiving their courier on time. Imagine ordering an expensive television online and then receiving an expected delivery date for the same. Since you have already paid for it, you will not be at ease till the order arrives. However imagine the horror when you suddenly receive a message stating your order has been delivered and nothing has arrived at your doorstep. Your nightmare will soon begin and you will end up running pillar to post to claim your courier. With the help of courier tracking you will know exactly where the courier is and when it is out for delivery. You will even be able to see the name of the hub and contact them if necessary to check the status of the delivery.

Customer Care

The best part about being able to track your courier is the fact that you are aware about the status of the package. This helps you to call up the company and inform them in case you need the package to be left with a neighbour. The company also feels more confident in dealing with customers because they have a concrete answer to all their questions related to their courier packages. Since it’s all online, the agents don’t need too much time to provide you with an answer.

Better troubleshooting.

You can easily create daily internal delivery logs and manifests, send out urgent package alerts and reroute packages by assigning them to alternate recipients. You can also gain advanced reporting, which helps increase accountability. The end result: more satisfied customers and a reputation for reliability and credibility.

You’ll save a ton of cash.

How much time do your receiving clerks spend shuffling through outdated paper logs, or entering strings of numbers into a computer database? The answer is probably too much. Not only are those processes time consuming, but they’re also very prone to errors; numbers are easy to transpose, and if the writing on the package is illegible, the numbers recorded could be wrong altogether.

Mitigate Delay

This is one of the best reasons for you to use the courier tracking system. People can’t afford to stay home all day and if you’re expecting a courier to be delivered to you but you need to be somewhere all you need to do is give the company a confirmation and ask them to leave the package with your neighbors or tell them to reschedule the delivery. Informing them in advance works towards your benefit because the company saves time and they appreciate that you informed them about your plans.

When you send out a package that you can track, you can always inform the recipient about the delivery details. In case the person is not available, you can give the company a call and ask them to reschedule without having to waste their time in attempting a delivery that will fail. Customers benefit the most from the courier tracking system.

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