Construction mobile apps

Mobile apps can help your construction company stay productive and agile in today’s volatile market. Now that most construction professionals have smartphones or tablets, there is a great opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce costs and speed up project timelines with mobile applications for Android and iOs.

Construction mobile apps

Adopting mobile apps is like a construction calculator can help boost productivity and optimize construction job sites. Providing increased efficiency, freedom and flexibility to complete the tasks at hand and enhanced project communication and collaboration, mobile tools have real benefits for businesses.

Here are ways mobile apps can make a difference in the construction industry.

  • Eliminate paper process and integrate a better mobile strategy

With the tap of a finger, construction business managers use mobile applications to maintain their businesses. Mobile applications, such as can play a large role in the construction industries, eliminating time-consuming paper processes and improving workflow and efficiency. A mobile platform can smoothly integrate into a company’s technology infrastructure and adapt as processes evolve. The following are four ways construction business owners and managers can benefit from implementing mobile apps designed for the industrial space.

  • Real-time analytics

Big data and business intelligence has grown tremendously and has finally met the construction industry. Earlier the reports were created only at the end of the day. But with apps managers can use real-time reporting tools on their phones or tablets to get updates on field problems, team performance, and project costs. It will help project managers to predict any required improvements to take immediate action on primary issues. Ultimately all team members will be able to access analytics, be it on the field or the office.

  • Reduced construction delays

Gathering real-time information at the job site such as trades or contractors present, progress, deficiencies or incidents can reduce overall project delays. When collected in mobile forms and submitted for everyone to access right away, this critical information helps to bring issues to light that might put projects on hold and keep construction on schedule.

  • Improved communication with owners and project stakeholders

Completing daily reports at the job site on mobile devices and sending automated emails can tighten the communication loop with project stakeholders. When all parties involved in the project have access to the same information at the same time, errors are reduced and issues requiring attention can be addressed faster.

Ensure on-site safety compliance

There are nearly 6.5 million people that work at approximately 252 000 construction sites across the nation on any give day. The fatal injury rate for the construction industry is higher than the national average in this category for all industries. While you may not have millions of workers to manage, you most likely have multiple job sites that your project managing and with that comes a lot of responsibility and a lot of safety and health concerns.

Having a customized mobile app that includes daily safety inspection checklists make it easier for construction managers to mitigate risk and keep job sites safe with a streamlined approach to identify health, safety and environmental issues. Construction mobile apps with on-site safety compliance capabilities can instantly capture safety or at-risk site observations on your mobile device and serve as an official project record. No double data entry back at the office. This ensures timely and proper management of such issues, further strengthening regulatory compliance.

Minimize projects delays

Delays and rework in commercial construction projects can cost millions of dollars in lost revenue and negatively affect a construction company’s reputation. While most companies cannot predict the weather conditions or plan accurately for permit and licensing red tape, at least managers can organize and sync their operational activities via mobile delivery apps to optimize the schedule.

For example, they can manage distribution and delivery of inventory and materials in real time. A construction manager in charge of two different job sites can allocate additional materials to Job site A in real time and receive electronic proof of delivery, all while monitoring the progress on Job site B.

Improve workforce and efficiency

Using mobile delivery applications, construction managers can improve efficiency and transparency of the entire construction project, from authorization and accountability to scheduling and monitoring. Construction projects consist of multiple authorization controls in order to progress. For example, during a road maintenance project, supervisors are able to provide real-time approvals when one layer is cured, allowing the next layer to be placed. They are also able to flag any complications that arise during the project.

Products Features

  • Timesheets and materials tracking
  • Mobile document management
  • Job site assets tracking
  • Team collaboration
  • Site inspections
  • Safety incident reporting
  • Punch lists
  • Work orders

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