Drug Inventory System

The latest upgrade of this industry is towards the electronic health care system. It is estimated that there where 9 million members from an Android app who used healthcare services. Manage the stocks of drugs, materials and dispensable items, all integrated with the medical records, purchases and billing.

Drug Inventory System

At times, many user engagements make certain inventory tools busy such that it becomes hard to access other features quickly. In such cases, the practitioners are advised to scrutinize heavy security measures in the dispensary. The process requires highly consistent information gathering and then a proper maintenance of drug safety records. A complete inventory system can save staff time, reduce the risk of lost drugs and improve the drug injection process as well as the work environment in the practice.

Ease of use was a key goal when designing the system. Busy pharmacists can acknowledge shipments and request resupply rapidly.The system generates alerts when inventory drops below a pre-defined threshold, reducing the chance of insufficient drug supply at your centres

The medicines used in our hospital are automatically fixed and arranged to sold packages, are ordered from each wholesaler. Inventory system can search the lot number and expiration date of drug in the purchase and delivery records. These functions are powerful and useful in patient's safety and cost containment. We surveyed the inventory amount stored in the computer database, and evaluated time
required for inventory management by tabulating working records of employees during past decades. The workload in the inventory management in each section of the Pharmacy Department as well as in clinical units was dramatically reduced after the implementation of this system.

Products Features

  1. Tracking of drug shipments
  2. Drug inventory
  3. Any contaminated or spoiled drug must be removed from inventory
  4. Replacements of drugs
  5. Record drugs dispensed
  6. A drug may become contaminated if it’s dropped, if the syringe is touched or in other ways. When this happens, the inventory system must report it.
  7. Administering patients with necessary drugs, keeping the cost of the special medications at a minimum level

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