Intranet Software Solutions

Our custom designed intranet software for construction companies makes managing building projects, storage of structural designs, and communication easier. By deploying a digital workplace our contractors, clients and external stakeholders can stay connected and can collaborate in one place.

Intranet Software Solutions

Products Features

Manage construction projects

Manage all construction projects from start to finish using custom intranet solutions. From initial ideas, to design planning, client feedback and contractor schedules, project progress is handled efficiently in a collaborative space.

Share and manage documents

The construction industry requires tonnes of paperwork to operate smoothly, from structural designs, blueprints, and planning, to contracts, invoices, and legal compliance's. Store all files in a secure and version controlled Document Management System, to ensure that all vital documentation can be accessed in an instant by the relevant contractors, architects and consultants.

Check in on stats and sentiment.

Lets everyone measure the reach, sentiment and overall impact of your communications. At a glance you can see how many people read your announcement, who viewed your blog post, and which coworkers confirmed their required reading.

Connect and communicate with builders and construction staff

All construction staff, from the builders and contractors to the architects, can connect online with corporate social networking tools, encouraging collaboration and real-time communication. Dedicated channels can be setup for different teams, streamlining conversations into productive interactions.

Construction policies and procedures

Efficiently manage all construction company policies and procedures. All mandatory policies can be automatically pulled through to the intranet home page, ensuring the effective distribution and compliance of key procedures. Reminders are sent out to those who haven’t yet accepted a policy, reducing time spent chasing and sending emails.

We are specialists in the area of online and offline software development. All our services are intended to solve new and old problems to deliver the best technology at your doorstep.

Service Specification

Technology changes fast. One of our mantra is the ability to develop software that can be tuned to your desire at any time. We make technology learn your ways

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