Medical Billing & Collection

Medical billing software automates billing tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming for physicians.It can also help reduce costly errors that are common when billing complex fee items. Health care practitioners shouldn't have to memorize a 500-page document to get paid for the services they provide.

Medical Billing & Collection

Issue Invoices and Receipts from the entered medical records, and overview your finances. Additionally you have support for generate claims for insurances and custom claim fields. Traditionally, billing has been a frustrating reality of the clinical experience. While it can be time consuming and tedious, it’s also a vital part of continued successful operations, as the financial health of an institution is largely dependent on translating patient visits into actual reimbursements.

In fact, you can also pay your bill timely and choose a payment plan accordingly. In case, you forget to make the payment, you receive a notification as reminder to do the necessary. For this reason, providers are constantly looking to streamline and improve medical billing processes. One method for doing so is pursuing billing system, a change that comes with numerous benefits.

Navigating complicated insurance guidelines, understanding best practices for collection and parsing data to find opportunities for improvement are skills that are orthogonal to treating patients but no less important for any healthcare organization that wishes to remain in business.

Products Features

  1. Integrated with medical records
  2. Submit billings to insurance providers (public or private) for payment
  3. Pre-payment and special offers
  4. Partial invoice payment
  5. Integrated with Lab and Imaging
  6. Verify a patient's insurance coverage
  7. Get prompts to help add claims correctly
  8. View reports on billings and rejections – instant insights, no Excel required
  9. Get alerts for claim issues

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Service Specification

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