Hospital Queue Management System

Visitors are presented with your availability services on either a self-service or reception devices. From patient check-in to patient calling and appointment management, all integration facilities are optimized using patient flow management system. Delivering Hospital Management Systems for private and public hospitals in South Africa.

Hospital Queue Management System

Healthcare systems are under close scrutiny by society. With patients having a bigger say in what they choose and demand for, government policy is impacted and in turn, healthcare providers. Healthcare needs to become demand-driven to satisfy the needs of patients. Queue management system integrated with appointment scheduler is implemented in the hospital. It is specially designed for hospital to facilitate the booking of patient's appointment in advance. Over the last few years, the number of seriously ill patients visit or admitted to hospitals has increased steadily which usually results in overcrowding. It may even contribute to violence in the hospitals and indirectly has effect on number of patients visiting hospitals. And here comes the need of Hospital Queue Management System.

"It’s a waiting game – shuffling between a cold hospital bench and steel chairs in a winding queue to receive help. And it’s a hard game on a winter morning, more so for the ill. City Press joined the queues at the Far East Rand Hospital in Springs, Gauteng, one of only five health facilities out of 649 across the country that the Office of Health Standards Compliance inspected and found to be compliant with the health department’s norms and standards. It scored a grade A compliance rating of 80%.The office’s latest inspection report was tabled in Parliament this week, the day Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi briefed the media to address increasing claims of an impending “collapse” of the country’s health system" from source

A Hospital Management System is a computer or web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital. Aims at digitization of patients data which is a need of an hour. It is a part of Hospital Management System
which can have direct effect on number of patients visiting the hospitals. Nowadays most of the hospitals are overcrowded with patients. It may affect patients’ symptoms, clinical outcome, and satisfaction. It can also affect physician’s effectiveness, causing frustration among medical staff. This overcrowding is due to lack of effective queue management system in hospitals, which is due time required for each patient would be uneven based on how much time doctor takes and other tasks such as scanning, pharmacy, testing.

To manage the pool of patients and large network of doctors effectively, let us help you develop a custom Queue Management System based on your hospital specs.

Benefits of Hospital Queue Management System

  • Make service areas less crowded
  • Real-time reporting allows efficient management
  • Management of patient queue efficient & conveniently

Products Features

  • Easy queue management
  • Alert notifications inform staff about exceptional events such as long waiting times, urgent cases, and so forth.
  • Queue notifications and status checking
  • Queue data analysis
  • Manages patient flow across all departments—from reception, through multiple treatment stages, until the patient is released.
  • Scalable to any number of clinics and to any size of staff.
  • All user interfaces are Web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.
  • The system predicts waiting time of each patient

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