Mobile Technology

Did you know? Mobile Applications can put the power in the hands of your customers, allowing them to check themselves into their room or order room service without ever making a phone call. Hotel brand mobile apps are going to play a crucial role in a hotel's success in terms of brand differentiation, marketing and defining the guest experience.

Mobile Technology

Technology in hospitality industry is creating new parameters for Service industries by creating personalized seamless experiences for clients. It’s not about eliminating face-to-face interaction with staff – many guests prefer to deal with people rather than a device. But conversely, the self-service model is something that people increasingly prefer. It’s permeating virtually every industry, particularly hospitality and other customer service oriented industries.

That being said, businesses in the hospitality industry won’t be wrong to engage mobile app development especially if they wish to take customer satisfaction to the next level.

5 ways mobile apps are changing the face of hospitality

  1. Enables guest to communicate in their own language
  2. Instant access to information
  3. Create a smoother reservation process with a mobile app
  4. Engage with guests better, build strong brand loyalty
  5. Maintaining long-term relationships and connecting with customers

Offering a dedicated hotel app can enhance both customer loyalty and brand loyalty. A mobile app can integrate a guest loyalty program where hotel guests can collect points and rewards for their bookings and hotel stays. Moreover, you can also offer an additional discount to them for the future hotel booking. It is also the easiest way to create a brand identity of your hotel. Now in this tech era hospitality company takes the different approach to drive the growth. As the customer experience has to be top of the line hotel are taking support of the mobile Apps. Therefore, having a strong mobile app for hospitality industry is a must for hotels and hospitality brands in general.

Many hotels have gone the mobile way. They realized that mobile websites and apps are ideal for encouraging potential customers to book rooms and check availability, browse through hotel services, read reviews, view hotel pictures, and more. What is more, they can even do so while on the move! So, the use of mobile websites ensures that people can enjoy a seamless browsing experience from their smart devices and do not need to wait till they get hold of a desktop computer.

While customers may prefer face-to-face interactions, there is always scope for them to take advantage of specialty services which can be obtained instantly on their smart devices. The mobile apps can serve as a self-service option for the hotel guests in terms of:

  • Check-ins and check-outs;
  • Laundry and dry cleaning;
  • Dinner reservations;
  • Room service orders;
  • Appointments for spa treatments or massages; and
  • Online payments.

Technology in hospitality industry can definitely help you to achieve your goals as well as keep your customers engaged and satisfied.

Products Features

  • Personalised experience
  • Greater experiences
  • Enhancement amenities
  • Advanced search features
  • Reviews
  • Leverage the loyalty program feature
  • Encouraging self-service
  • Better trend predictions

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