Best Mobile App Development Frameworks

Over time, there has been a paradigm shift in implementing smart and innovative business strategies. However, the mobile app industry is also going through one of the most competitive phases where the selection of the right framework along with an apt platform and development strategy becomes pivotal.

There has been a rise in the number of smartphones users in the world in recent years, with the figure in the billions. A lot of businesses and companies are now focusing on developing mobile apps for their customers alongside having a website. There are quite a number of frameworks out there more mobile development.

Why Use Frameworks For Mobile App Development?

  • Structures permit reusability of code and plan.
  • Embodiment highlight of systems gives effortlessness which aides in giving information security.
  • Equipped for redoing the structure for the execution of business necessities.

However, to make your mobile application successful it is necessary to choose the right selection of mobile framework, technology, and databases. With age and time, you can see a steady rise in the number of iOS & Android. In fact, hybrid and cross-platform app development also gained momentum thus one can definitely give credit to the best frameworks used for this major transformation. Let us dive into a list of useful 5 frameworks to help you build great and amazing mobile applications.

1. React Native

  • Type: Open Source

React Native is one of the favorite choices for app development and also considered as the future of hybrid apps. It allows the developers in building cross-platform apps using native components, which create a native-like experience to the app users. With React Native, the developers have to write the least number of lines of code, which automatically reduces the number of bugs, errors and other issues thereby the code quality can be ensured.

2. PhoneGap

  • Type: Open Source

It’s considered as a reliable platform for the cross-platform app development due to better access to native APIs which further helps in including native features and add native feel to the app in a cost-effective manner. With PhoneGap, the developer need not know mobile programming languages; instead, they can get started with web development languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript for app creation.

3. Ionic

  • Type: Open Source

The significant advantage of the Ionic framework is that mobile developers can use a set of default UI elements like forms, filters, action sheets, list views, tab bars and navigation menu in their design. The mystical framework is built on the top of Angular that lower down the entry barrier for the beginner. The framework uses a single code base to build apps for almost all operating systems and works best when combined with Angular.js for building browser-based applications.

  • easy to adopt
  • cross-platform app development
  • user interface
  • build on AngualarJS

4. Flutter

Type: Open Source

Designed to support various languages in the backend, Flutter has been designed to work across platforms, without replacing Java, Swift and Objective C. Flutter makes the development stress-free, swift and optimized. It offers the hot reload functionality, which helps in testing your project without needing to restart the application. Using a single language, both backend and front-end can be developed because there are no separate files for views that need to be referenced by Java.

5. NativeScript

Type: Open Source

Native Script is how you build cross-platform, native iOS and Android apps without web views. It allows the developers to work with the latest native APIs, native theme, the native components without waiting for plugins to begin support for a new feature.

Frameworks are the most critical aspects of mobile app development. Businesses make use of cross-platform frameworks for their mobile app development because of their cost-efficiency and time-saving features. If you are planning to design and develop mobile application and confused to select which one is the best framework for mobile app development, don't hesitate to contact us.

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